Our Strategic Plan

The Help Me Grow Inland Empire Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the work in the coming three years as HMG IE designs and launches the first regional Help Me Grow in California.

Strategic Plan Highlights

Vision:  All children achieve their full potential

Mission: To serve and connect all children and families in the Inland Empire with prevention and early intervention services.

Goal 1: Community Awareness and Engagement

Community members understand the importance of child development, the benefits of early intervention and the role of Help Me Grow Inland Empire.

Goal 2: Early Identification & System Linkages

Young children in the Inland Empire receive developmental screenings and are successfully connected to community services.

Goal 3: Central Access Point & Care Coordination

Children are connected to early identification and intervention services through a centralized system of referrals and care coordination.

Goal 4: Data Collection & Analysis:  

Stakeholders have accessible reliable and valid data to make informed decisions at both individual and systems levels to improve child and family outcomes.

Goal 5: Systems Alignment & Sustainability

Services and resources are aligned for an effective and sustainable early childhood development system of care for young children.

Goal 6: Leadership & Governance

There is an effective partnership model for the operation and governance of HMG IE as a collective impact initiative.

The Planning Process

The Help Me Grow Inland Empire strategic planning process was led by a Design Team that included First 5 Riverside, First 5 San Bernardino and Loma Linda University Children’s Health and was facilitated by VIVA Social Impact Partners.

The process gathered extensive community input into all aspects of the regional Help Me Grow model, and its vision, goals, and strategies. These insights were used to develop the Help Me Grow Inland Empire Strategic Plan.

Three community-wide summits were held over the course of the strategic planning process. Representatives from the health, education, and family support agencies in both counties were invited to attend. The summits were sequenced to:

  1. Gather a broad understanding of the current landscape, including strengths, challenges, and opportunities

  2. Learn from existing efforts in other Help Me Grow counties in California and develop priorities for the Inland Empire’s system

  3. Provide input on draft elements of the strategic plan and identify priority areas for the implementation pilot

Click below to view the Inland Empire Early Intervention Planning Summits presentations:

National, state and county-level data, research, reports and key informant interviews were also used to inform the strategic plan and the development of the local Help Me Grow model.

Summit attendees were also invited to participate in three working committees, Community and Family Outreach, Health Provider Outreach, and Systems and Sustainability. These committees developed draft goals, objectives, and strategies for the plan. Click here to learn about the ongoing work of the committees.