Every family looks forward to seeing their child's firsts.

Early childhood is the most important time of development.

Help Me Grow Inland Empire is here to help you along the way—by screening for developmental delays and helping families with food, housing, and other needs.

Help Me Grow is here for families.

Every child develops at their own pace. Signs of healthy development are called “milestones.” Milestones are things like walking, talking, and playing with toys. Children reach milestones at different times.

Developmental screenings are simple tools that help show how a child is developing. They are easy for a parent, caregiver, or doctor to complete. Help Me Grow offers Inland Empire families free screenings.

Early intervention happens before a
child reaches kindergarten.

As many as 25% of children 0-5 are at risk for developmental delays.* Help Me Grow Inland Empire works with community partners to identify and support developmental delays early. As part of the national Help Me Grow network, we're working to support the healthy development of the nearly 400,000 children ages 0-5 living in the Inland Empire.

Help Me Grow Inland Empire is a community effort. Interested in being a part of developing a new approach to screening and supporting children's development?