In Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, there are over 365,000 children ages 0-5.

Our early childhood systems must promote the healthy development of each and every one of them.

0 %
of children ages 0-5 are at risk for developmental delays.
0 %
of California children with delays go undetected until kindergarten, much later than in other states.

What is Help Me Grow Inland Empire?

Help Me Grow Inland Empire is a cross-county effort to build a strong, aligned early intervention system to best support children and families.

Help Me Grow Inland Empire is made possible by a joint investment from First 5 San Bernardino and First 5 Riverside, in partnership with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Help Me Grow IE is in the design phase. Learn about the developing model.

Early childhood is the most important period of mental and physical development in our lives.

When delays are identified and supported early, it can have a life-changing impact for children and families. Appropriate supports in the early years can set children on track to succeed in school and beyond.

The risk of delays going undetected increases for Black and Latino children. All of these children miss out on years of early intervention that would help them be ready for kindergarten, be successful in school, and thrive as adults. Early intervention can make all the difference in a child’s life.

Join us in creating a collective approach across our counties for identifying and supporting high-risk children early.