About Developmental Screenings

Help Me Grow Inland Empire helps families with developmental screenings and early intervention.

What is a developmental screening?

A developmental screening is a set of questions about your child’s learning and development. A screening will tell you the developmental milestones that your child has reached. It can also show if there are any developmental delays. Developmental delays are areas where your child needs more support. 

There are two different screenings that Help Me Grow Inland Empire offers: 

1. Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) asks questions about how your child communicates, moves their body, uses their hands, plays with others, and learns new things.

2. Social Determinants of Health Screening asks questions about your family’s housing, food, transportation, utilities, and safety needs. Research shows that these things can affect children’s early development. 

For both of these screenings, a parent or other caregiver answers simple questions about their child and family. The results can help show if your child or family needs any services or supports.

When and where should a developmental screening take place?

Developmental screenings should be conducted at well-child visits at your pediatrician’s office. They should happen when your child is 9 months, 18 months, and 24 or 30 months. They can also happen whenever there is a concern. A new law requires doctors to screen children who are enrolled in Medi-Cal. Early childhood education programs and family support programs can also conduct developmental screenings. For example, early childhood education programs that are part of Quality Start San Bernardino County and Quality Start Riverside County are asked to give developmental screenings. Help Me Grow also gives developmental screenings and helps families find the services they need. Learn more about Help Me Grow. Do you have concerns about your child’s development and want a screening? Talk to your pediatrician or call Help Me Grow Inland Empire at 1-888-464-4316.

What happens after a developmental screening?

After you have answered the screening questions, the person who gave you the screening will talk to you about the results. If there are any areas of concern, you may need to answer more questions. You may be given some tips for things to do at home with your child. Or, they may give you a referral. 

If you get a referral, then you will need to contact the referral as soon as possible to schedule a follow-up assessment. The follow-up assessment will take a closer look at your child’s development. It will show if your child qualifies for early intervention services. Early intervention services are services that help with developmental delays. Your doctor will be able to answer any specific questions you have about this process.

Is there a cost for developmental screenings or early intervention services?

The cost of developmental screening is covered by Medi-Cal or private insurance. Insurance also covers many early intervention services. Your pediatrician or Help Me Grow coordinator will be able to explain what is covered based on your child’s needs. No matter what, your child will not be denied services if you cannot afford to pay for them. 


To talk to someone about screenings and early intervention services, call Help Me Grow Inland Empire at 1-888-464-4316.

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