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To develop a way of working together around early intervention that has not been attempted before is a complex undertaking. The success of Help Me Grow Inland Empire will rely on individuals from across the Inland Empire who want to be part of a community that decides to put its 400,000 youngest children first.

Help Me Grow Inland Empire hosted three community summits in 2018-2019. Click here for more information about the summits. 

We look forward to hosting additional community meetings where interested partners can discuss ways they can contribute to Help Me Grow Inland Empire and promote early intervention. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming opportunities: 

We invite your feedback, ideas, and involvement. Contact us at to discuss how you can be part of this change.

“Help Me Grow does not become a best kept secret; it’s compassionate people serving all families with a high level of care and coordination to transform lives that will transform communities.”

– A vision of Help Me Grow’s success is best captured by one of the Help Me Grow Summit attendeess